Moonlight & Fairytales

Oct 19

contented sigh

I won 3 games in Hearthstone today, and lost 1 close match that still felt really good.  Fair, you know?  And my mom baked a ton of bread and stuff and it was delicious, and I had my favorite tea with it, and what a sunny beautiful morning.  Ahh.  And hey, I got 90 gold in Hearthstone!  I needed to win 2 matches with a Rogue, and then 2 people conceded to my Rogue pretty much right off the bat.  I’ll take it.

Oct 18
Oct 18
Oct 18
Oct 18
Oct 18

Fenris and Gamagoori's wild night out in Saints Row IV,
uncut and uncensored

Don’t judge me omg ahahahahaha

Oct 18

Fenris and Gamagoori's wild night on the town in Saints Row IV

We even went dress shopping and came out with the same outfit on without consulting each other about it first.  It seemed meant to be.

Oct 18

Fenris and Marissa's adventures in Saints Row IV

Fenris on his cool (?) glitched bike

Oct 17
Casual date on top of a legendary Pokemon 
with the region's Pokemon champion.
Oct 16

My dash is pretty boring.


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